Q.Why hire?

A.Vacation / Holiday - Holiday in the Thailand and Why take everything and pay for excess baggage ,hiring a larger car? We can delivery to:

  • Your Hotel or Apartment In The Thailand

  • Any Private House or Apartment that you are staying at whilst in the Thailand

Mums-to-be / parents all those ‘must haves’ aren’t always a necessity. Babies are expensive enough without splashing out on products which seem vital at the time and in reality you end up using them twice and consigning them to the back of the wardrobe!

  •  No storage problems 

  • Try Before you buy - is that baby swing really what your baby wants?

  • New Toys or necessary things for baby without too much expense

Grandparents – are you having the grandchildren to stay and worrying about the expense of all the equipment needed to cope with them for even a day!

  • Equip your grandchildren's temporary nursery for the duration of their stay 

  • Hire solid wooden or travel cots rather than buy and not only will your pocket benefit, so will your family   

**Please check out the our products and Book early to avoid disappointment and if you need something not shown on our listed please do not hesitate to ask. We will do our best to accommodate you. **


Q. Is there a minimum order amount?

A. No minimum order but delivery charges apply.


Q.How I do place an order?

A.If you need service within 48 hours please call us (668)31235420 from outside thailand and (083)1235420 within thailand to ensure your reservation.

1. By Order online from our website.We will e-mail back to confirm your reservation within 24 hours

2.E-mail - Send us your name, phone number, dates of travel, and items requested at info@tinytots.in.th. We will e-mail back to confirm your reservation within 24 hours.

**Please place orders as you are making travel arrangements to ensure availability. Tinytots can finalize delivery specifics as the date of your arrival nears. Reserve as early as possible for weekends, holidays, and summer travel. We will always try to accommodate last-minute plans.**


Q.Do you clean the equipment in between rentals?

Yes. All equipment is sanitized and safety checked before each rental. We use cleaning solutions and procedures recommended by many Health Departments for licensed day care facilities in disinfecting children's equipment and toys.


Q. What method of payment do you accept?

A. We accept Cash,Paypal .If you want to pay by credit card.We will send e-mail to you by paypal.


Q.Do you have deposit?

A. Yes. Refundable security deposit is required.Deposit depend on order.


Q. Do you offer other services?

A. Yes, we provide diapers, baby food, bibs and eating utensils to be delivered to your hotel with your other items.There is a 25% courtesy fee applied to each order.


Q. Do you offer discounts for extended stays or multipless?

A. Definitely! Please contact us for more information. We will always try to make your stay as affordable and hassle free as possible.