PLY1.Exersaucer Mega Appropriate for Ages 4 Months up

Circus-themed activity center
8 age-appropriate toys
Helps achieve 10 developmental milestones, such as gross- and fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cause and effect
Comfortable seat allows baby to bounce, rock, swivel, and spin
Adjustable height
Folds compactly for storage or travel
Durable plastic is colorful and easy to clean
30" diam. x 25"H


PLY2.Fisher Price -DROP IN ROAR DINOSAUR Appropriate for Ages 3 Months to 3 Years

Dinosaur-shaped toy keeps Baby busy with sound effects, songs, chutes and slidesPlays 10 songs and has 5 sound effects Features a twirling butterfly
Drop & Roar Dinosaur by Fisher-Price is a friendly dinosaur full of fun, from head to tail! Comes with four adorable, dinosaur-themed Roll-a-Rounds that are ready for drop-through play. There are surprises waiting down each ramp - will the ball bounce down the bumpy tail, spinning the butterfly on the way? Maybe it will head through the peek-a-boo door, or past the swinging pendulum and out the front. Or watch it roll down through the dinosaurs mouth triggering silly sounds. Features include 10 lively tunes and colorful lights to stimulate and captivate baby.


PLY3. Safety 1st Car Shaped Exersaucer Appropriate for Ages 4 Months up
washable seat cover
three adjustable height levels, as your little one grows ,has a fixed bottom
, so they can't go anywheregreat suspension, so it rocks and bounces if the baby is very active Has loads of toys on it that all spin, rattle, beep, turn. Hours of fun and entertainment for all babies

PLY4.Intelli-Table (by Microsoft and Fisher price) Appropriate for Ages 9 Months up

3 play&Learn rings
Each ring presents its educational content in fun,motivating and engaging
ways ,so your child will return to learn again and again!
Education content is reinforced by words,sounds and visual effects on the dome.
Early learning basic Ring-MAke laerning basic skills and concepts lots of fun
Music Ring-Musical fun ranges from playing children's tunes to creating original compositions with different instruments and styles!


PLY5. Lovn' Hug Swing (Now holds a baby up to 30 lbs!)
Enhanced electronics with 5 classical songs and 5 natures sounds including white noise
Rotating, removable mobile provides visual stimulation for baby
One- hand, 4-position recline for easy adjustment
Additional infant head support provides extra comfort for baby


PLY6. Graco walker with lights&sounds Appropriate for Ages 4 Months up

Interactive and removable activity tray
Removable activity tray for on-the-go and snack time
3- Position height adjust
Stationary Stands inhibit mobility
Friction strips reduce movement on an edge or uneven surface
Easy assembly and breakdown for storage
For child less than 30 lbs. or up to 32 inches tall, able to sit upright unassisted and unable to walk.

PLY7. Gobble&Go Hippo with food blocks Appropriate for Ages 9 Months up

It starts as a push-along walker, then converts to a ride-on—both with great gobbling fun! The hippo’s head bobs up and down as he gobbles up blocks. Early walkers can push it along to steady first steps and encourage movement. Then shift the handle down to form a seat for ride-along fun. Includes five delightful Peek-a-Blocks with favourite foods inside—cereal, broccoli, carrots, pie, and a PB&J sandwich! Lots of block storage space, too.


PLY8. Stride-to-ride Walker Appropriate for Ages 9 Months up

Baby’s developmental milestones are always something to celebrate. Baby Playzone? toys add to the celebration, encouraging and rewarding physical accomplishments. They’re full of exciting activities that make baby want to try… and try again! The Stride-to-Ride Walker? starts off by steadying first steps and rewarding baby with lights, sounds, and high-energy music. When toddlers are ready to ride, just move the legs together and lock in place to form a comfortable seat. Walking, riding, or shooting some hoops, baby will enjoy plenty of rewards—including music, sounds and lights!


PLY9.Learn and groove musical table Appropriate for Ages 6 Months to 3 years

Learning Skills,Letter names ,Counting to 10 ,Shapes ,Colors,Action and reaction ,Music exploration ,Musical instruments
percussion and strings. ,Sensory exploration ,Gross motor skills



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